Welcome to my personal website

Welcome to my personal website

I’m a PhD in the Computer Science field. My PhD thesis was a collaboration between the MICC laboratory (University of Florence, Italy) and the HES-SO (University of Applied Science Western Switzerland).

My research work is in the field of NextGen TV (Keywords: Automatic video annotation, High level content annotation, Multimedia Information Retrieval, Television experience, Human Computer Interface/Interaction).

My thesis was under the guidance of Pr. Alberto Del Bimbo and Pr. Elena Mugellini, and the supervision of Marco Bertini and Pr. Omar Abou Khaled.

I’m also a scientific collaborator and a teaching assistant in the EIA-FR, part of the HES-SO.

I also have a little blog: The Geek Band Theory. It’s mainly for dev-tips sharing, but you will also find other interesting sections like Geek, Sport and Photography.

Joël Dumoulin
PhD Student, Scientific collaborator, Teaching assistant, joel [@] dumoulin.ch

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